Friday, August 19, 2016

OS X Mail Import to Outlook Pst With Exceptional Proficiency

I was looking for a way to Import OS X Mail to Outlook Pst, and the solution I found compelled me to right this review immediately after using it. It was that impressive.

My Mac had been my long time companion. But for some personal reason I bought a Windows desktop and moved all my files from Mac to it. And then presented the Mac as a present to my brother on his birthday. There was one thing that I hadn't transferred to Windows and had no idea how to actually do that.

It was my emails and contacts in OS X Mail, also known popularly as Apple Mail, that I had no idea how to bring to Windows Outlook. I knew that Outlook uses Pst files to store data but how OS X Import to Outlook Pst was a big trouble. That was a big issue in front of me. And even though, I had gifted it to my brother, he didn't erase all my data.

I looked for solutions everywhere but didn't find any good one. Then I found “Mail Extractor Pro”.

OS X Mail Import to Outlook Pst

I am till this point quiet amazed by the simplicity of it. It let me convert the files to Pst in the most easy manner. Basically, all we have do is install it, launch it, load the data, and click 'convert' button. Within few minutes, it will give you Pst files that you can then import into Outlook.

The quiet astonishing fact with the tool is that the conversion offered is 100% accurate thorough. No amount of information is missed during conversion, and everything that is converted has 100% integrity. That means, no items or data is damaged or modified in any way.

I was most worried about the attachments with my emails. I receive bank details and other such sensitive data with the attachments from my clients. I was anxious about losing them or being modified. But the tool didn't let it happen. Everything was intact as it was originally in my Apple Mail.

The tool has also a function of auto-loading your OS X Mail database. Which means that you don't have to do anything manually. It will scan the “Mail” folder in your Mac and load all your content. This method is quiet accurate and straightforward, playing a big role in the accuracy it offers. Most tools convert the data from Mbox files, which you have to first generate and then manually load into the tool. That method requires more time and is generally less accurate than the direct auto-load method.

Just go and try it. There is nothing to lose. If you are still worried, you can download its free trial version here ( It will convert 10 items from each folder of OS X into Outlook Pst.

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There is also a 24x7 customer support that you can always rely upon. Any question you have or any setback you are facing, they will help you resolve it.


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